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Donald Frazier Dr . Rice Children's Literature 10 April 08 “Grandmother Spider Steals The Fire” (PART I: Folk Talk) The Choctaw People say that when the People first came-up out of the ground, People were encased in cocoons, their eyes closed, their limbs folded tightly to their bodies . And this was true of all People, the Bird People, the Animal People, the Insect People, and the Human People . The Great Spirit took pity on them and sent down someone to unfold their limbs, dry them off, and open their eyes . But the opened eyes saw nothing, because the world was dark, no sun, no moon, not even any stars . All the People moved around by touch, and if they found something that didn't eat them first, they ate it raw, for they had no fire to cook it . All the People met in a great Pow-wow, with the Animal and Bird People taking the lead, and the Human People hanging back . The Animal and Bird People decided that dark was not good, but cold and miserable . A solution must be found!!! Someone spoke from the dark, "I have heard that the people in
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the East have fire" . This caused a stir of wonder, "What could fire be"!!! There was a general discussion, and it was decided that if, as-rumor-had-it, fire was warm and gave light, they should have it too . Another voice said, "But the people of the East are too greedy to share with us" . So it was decided that the Bird and Animal People should steal what they needed, the fire!!! But, who should have the honor!!! Grandmother Spider volunteered, "I can do it!!! Let me try"!!! But at the same time, Opossum began to speak . "I, Opossum, am a great Chief of the animals . I will go to the East and since I am a great hunter, I will take the fire and hide it in the bushy hair on my tail" . It was well know that Opossum had the furriest tail of all the animals, so he was selected
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project A - Donald Frazier Dr. Rice Children's Literature...

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