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Riesling - Can go well with savory foods particularly if...

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Riesling Riesling is a white grape variety of wines grown historically in Germany, Alsace, Austria, and northern Italy. Rieslings are usually sweet wines with the exception of wines from Alsace! These wines are lower and alcohol and make very good luncheon wines. They work well with Highly seasoned, ethnic foods. Styles- Dry, semi sweet, sweet Dry Raw or cooked shellfish, cold. Sushi Vegetables Picnics Aromatic light foods, without sweetness Off- dry, Slightly sweet Smoked, Salty foods Slightly sweet foods Spicy, hot foods Cream sauces Oily fatty foods Curry Nuts Sweet
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Unformatted text preview: Can go well with savory foods, particularly if high in alcohol • Make sure that the dessert is never sweeter than the wine!! • Consider the acidity/ sweetness ratio Major Growing regions: • Alsace • Germany – Taffelwein Qualitatswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete (QbA) Qualitatswein mit Pradikat • Kabinett • Spatlese • Auslese • Beerenauslese • Trockenbeerenauslese Eiswein Halbtrocken- Half dry Trocken- Dry • Australia • New Zealand • USA Varietal Characteristics- Floral, peach, apricot, apple, grassy, honey, pine, cloves, lime Sweetness...
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