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The excerpt is fromLucy: A Novelby Jamaica Kincaid (published in 1990). In this passage, Lucy, a young woman from the Caribbean, is talking to Mariah, an American woman. Lucy has recently come to the United States to work for Mariah as the family’s au pair (an arrangement in which she assists the family with childcare and other household duties in exchange for room and board). Read the passage carefully. Write a thesis statement that you would use for an essay that analyzes how Kincaid uses literary elements and techniques to explore the conflict that arises from the complex interaction of Lucy and Mariah’s different values. Write a paragraph in support of your thesis that uses at least one piece of evidence from the text.
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Unformatted text preview:of spring to show the different values of Mariah and Lucy and how they interact easily with each other. When Lucy thinks about spring, she thinks about a poem that she had learned when she was in school and how she had worked hard to memorize a poem, and how she recited the poem night after night and even dreamed about the poem, showing her hardworking personality. Mariah on the other hand, when remembering spring, thought about the Great Lakes where she grew up as a child and she even wanted to take Lucy away on a trip to the Great Lakes and the zoo, showing her easy- going and relaxed personality. These different personalities are shown interacting with each other through Lucy and Mariah's conversations and the imagery of spring brings them together.