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critical essay about art - Kristen Dibley I looked...

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Kristen Dibley I looked at “Luxury Goods” by Thomas Frontini. It is a larger painting, about 4 feet by 5 feet. The main focus is on a girl standing, facing the viewer straight ahead, wearing a white sundress and a straw hat. She has brown hair, bare feet, and is carrying a red purse in her left hand. In her right hand she is hold a pink string that is attached to a horse. The string is meant to look like the horse is a balloon, except the horse is standing on the ground. The horse is at least twice as tall as the girl, and at least four times the size of her. The horse is grayish white, and has a gray mane and tail. There is a bird, which appears to be a robin, sitting on the hindquarters of the horse. The horse is facing the girl. Both the horse and the girl are standing on a cobblestone path, which has weeds growing in between most of the stones. They are standing on what appears to be a ledge, which over looks a beach on the right half of the painting, and a meadow with a few palm trees in it on the left. The cobblestone path, the beach, and the meadow area are all separated by plants, which seem to come to about the hip of the girl. There is a section cleared in the plants, which looks to be a path from the girl and horse down to the beach. Down on the beach, there are two people. One is a man standing. He is posing as
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critical essay about art - Kristen Dibley I looked...

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