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Cold War film - 1 Kristen Dibley History 398 Film Public...

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Kristen Dibley History 398 1/23/08 Film, Public Opinion, and the Cold War Film from a certain time period helps us understand a public’s opinion, or how the public felt about a certain topic. It may not encompass every attitude that the public holds, or may just show one side of the story. “In the analysis of conflict and consensus it is essential to consider what groups were left out of Hollywood’s conception of the American consensus” (Briley, 219). But for someone that is looking into the past, and trying to gain a sense of the atmosphere and the opinions that were held during that time frame, watching film gives the viewer a glimpse into that time in history. When asked why a historian should concern himself with film, Bill Murphy, an archivist with the Motion Picture Unit in the National Archives, said, “…as far as ideas are concerned, most filmmaking is a group process. So when ideas are presented, let’s say in a documentary film, we are often getting a crystallization of group values” (Murphy, 121). During and after the Cold War, many different films were created which helped express public opinion and public mood. Some such films were documentary or educational films. One was Duck and Cover , starring Bert the Turtle. In this educational film, students were taught that when they saw the flash of a nuclear bomb, they needed to find someplace along a wall or sheltered place to duck low and protect yourself, if even 1
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with just a newspaper. They were taught that they would be safer than if they were
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Cold War film - 1 Kristen Dibley History 398 Film Public...

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