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Professor Cohen speech

Professor Cohen speech - problem In the 1890’s at the...

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Kiersten Fields America and Americans Katie Woolsey- Wed 9:30 Extra Credit Speaker Mitchell Cohen-Speaker Professor Mitchell Cohen started writing twenty years ago. He wrote Zion in the State. Mitchell received a PhD at Columbia University. Throughout his speech he talked about Israel Anti-Semitism and the left. The heir to the best of the left side is those who believe in tolerance and equality. Some of the downsides to the left side are the radicals and the Stalinists. There have been some major problems in the history of the left such as Stalinism and Maoism. He said that he can criticize the left, because he is a part of the left. He thinks that the left has a Jewish
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Unformatted text preview: problem. In the 1890’s at the University of Berlin Jewish students were exiled. He stated that Parvis was a curious figure in the left wing. He was a Jew and a Marxist. He had an international point of view, similar to the idea of globalization. He believed in capitalist internationalization. There was also two other figures, Guesde and Jaures. Professor Cohen talked about the Palestinian recession and the political transformation in 1977; the election of the right wing. He concluded by saying that he is worried about the discourse of the left side on University campuses....
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