Eyes on the Prize- Film Review

Eyes on the Prize- Film Review - and she held an open...

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Film Response Paper: “Eyes on the Prize” “Our courage came out because we wanted something; we wanted something for ourselves and our children.” This was the quote from the beginning of the movie and I believe that this is the backbone of the Civil Rights Movement. I think that the colored wanted to make a change, so that their children didn’t have to suffer what they did. The video explained a story of Emit Till; he was a fourteen year old colored male. One day he went into a candy store and said bye to a white woman. The woman told her husband and her brother-in-law, and they became furious. They went out to find this boy, and brutally murdered him. The mother was devastated,
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Unformatted text preview: and she held an open casket funeral so the whole world could see what they did to her child. There was a case held for the murder, and the men who did it, were found not guilty, because they were white males. This was only one aspect of the things that happened during this time. The blacks suffered many severe punishments and even deaths. I believe that this was important to have in the video because it was a reality check to me and probably to the rest of the class about how these colored people were actually treated. They let two men who were drenched in guilt off. This was a natural occurrence that would happen back in these days though, the family wasn’t even surprised....
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Eyes on the Prize- Film Review - and she held an open...

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