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Economic Statecraft and Sanctions

Economic Statecraft and Sanctions - Economic Statecraft and...

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Economic Statecraft and Sanctions (I) The Program with International Relations Theorists -And the Economic Basis of Power- power derives from economic base, manpower, raw materials, final arbiters of power, S.U with world’s largest military collapses with weight of its economic collapse. Any IR scholar must understand: What are economic conditions of power? What’s distribution in system? (II) Economic Influence Power or Money?- question of asymmetric economic relations, fair? Economic exploitation, where these matter for international relations, As a function of power politics. -Example Interwar Germany- not so much fairness in interwar, rather there are cases in world politics where the opposite is true, make relatively small and weak better off at expense of larger countries. Story of how big powers use muscles to get stuff from small countries, but another possible story out there interesting where oftentimes the big guy uses wealth in order to influence politically the small states its trying to influence. Germany uses economic power trying to enhance neighbors(Yugoslavia) -Hirschman NPSFT- noted that Germany tried to create situation of economic dependence, Germany so much bigger than Bulgaria that trade accounts for 50% of Bulgaria’s trade and only 3% of Germanys. Germany did with this power: exploit? In fact it offered Bulgaria generous terms, Germany trying to extract political influence via two mechanisms. > -Mechanisms?
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