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csc 110 3.3 - 5 organization/structure of comp systems...

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3 types of q’s for wed’s test –mult choice, t/f, general q’s like using gauss’s formula, tracing  algorithms.   If-then-else: hw 2 question 1 w/ 2 subquestions – simple algorithms.  How to use this format –  ie: if r is greater than or equal to 1.0 then area=klsdf; else (something else) Gauss Formula  [(first number+last number)*(total number of numbers in the list)]/2 Tracing Iterative algorithms – “while-do”  (quiz 1, last question) must know process b/c we can  change the numbers ; sequential search and binary search hw 3 question 4 and 5, lab 5,  question 1-8 on pg 122 Chap 4 Hardware (ch 4 and 5) understanding basic logic of machines 4 – binary logic with comp systems
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Unformatted text preview: 5 organization/structure of comp systems Notations in machine keyboard used to input symbols. But machine doesnt recognize all these symbols, inside machine recognizes only 0 and 1 binary notations either 0 or 1 to denote anything. 2 symbols to denote all simple and complex jobs 8 binary symbols 0s or 1s 00110110 ASCII code http://www.asciitable.com/ textbook also has this table Notation converted w/ calc on comp bin 2^8 distinct characters can be made w/ 8 spaces of 2 characters (256) Uni Code 16 bits (16 places) to denote a single character. Can make 2^16 amount of characters (256*256)...
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