China and Tibet article response

China and Tibet article response - Grosjean 1 Matthew...

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Grosjean 1 Matthew Grosjean ENG 100 Thr 7-9:45 Professor Majkut April 10, 2008 In Simon Elegant’s article “China and Tibet: The Spin Campaign,” he outlines how the Chinese government has grown adroit at influencing its own people’s opinions and getting them to effectively refute stories on Western media channels. Chinese bloggers and net-surfers have been able to force reputable sources such as The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post to retract stories on their websites and post apologies, but why? The Chinese government has been attacking international media sources in order to thwart bad publicity for the upcoming Beijing Olympics. And how have they been able to pull the wool over the eyes of millions of Chinese citizens? China’s aptitude of tapping into the age-old angry vein of Chinese nationality and getting its citizens emotionally charged by using historical instances from the past 200 years when the West has taken advantage of China. China has accused the West, specifically the US, of apparent wrongdoings in the past that were really mistakes thus enraging their citizens against the Western world even more. Finally, Elegant says in his article that even President Bush urges moderation between the US and Chinese diplomacy and steers clear of the Tibetan policy as a whole. Is article just another form of Chinese communism in the American press? Who is spinning whom? The first argument that Elegant outlines is that the Chinese government has
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China and Tibet article response - Grosjean 1 Matthew...

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