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image analysis corona - Matthew Grosjean ENG 100 Thurs...

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Matthew Grosjean ENG 100 Thurs 7-9:45 Professor Majkut February 21, 2008 This frothy liquid comes in many forms: golden brown with a light finish, dark amber with heavy, woody or nutty overtones, cheap, expensive, bottled and canned. We may think that every person would have a different taste and therefore like different beers, but brewery companies have one goal in mind: buy our beer and only our beer. This is why advertisement executives for Corona get to drive BMWs and Mercedes- Benzes. Their job is to push their company’s substance down the throats of as many people as possible and therefore keeping their company in the green. What many alcohol consumers may not know is that the reason these ad gurus make so much money is because of the time and effort they put into every frame of space in their advertisement. This analysis of two different advertisements set forth by Corona will show how effective the colors, style, word-play, and image placements are in two very different Corona advertisements. The first advertisement that was analyzed was in a serene, tropical setting transporting the viewer to their own private paradise vacation spot. This brightly lit scene sports a postcard-like finish that peacefully highlights the relaxing outdoor activities on display such as fishing and lounging on docks searching tropical horizons for pure enjoyment. The viewer’s line of vision starts at the bottom left of the scene with a bright red tackle box offset by the vividly contrasting yellow bottled beer. The eye then follow the fishing rod into the placid blue ocean and relaxes the eye with a view of a tropical paradise including palm trees and light waves and lush mountains. The eye then follows
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the horizon to the right of the picture to the tip of Corona bottle, down the neck of the bottle blatantly displaying the Corona trademark image and down the bottle’s body to the
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image analysis corona - Matthew Grosjean ENG 100 Thurs...

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