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personal narrative

personal narrative - Matt Grosjean ENG 100 Professor Majkut...

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Matt Grosjean ENG 100 January 31, 2008 Professor Majkut I look down at my absurdly polished black shoes as I wait in the rain for the car to come pick my sister, Dad, and grandparents up from the vacant parking lot where we left our cars. Who put all this work into spit-shining an eleven-year-old’s dress shoes, I wondered. Aren’t kids notorious for caked mud on their new shoes within a few hours after they are liberated from the highly anticipated JC Penny box? Especially on a grey, misty morning such as this; the outcome seems inevitable. A thick-stemmed dandelion flower barely raises its bright yellow face above a crack in the pavement. I quickly stamp out its existence without thinking, as little boys do. I look up and selfishly complain to Dad about the itchy polyester suit I was made to wear but his lips and his grip just grow tighter. My plea falls on deaf ears to my stony- faced grandparents as well, but my dependable sister gives me exactly what I was looking for: an angry finger to her lips telling me to hush. The car comes and it is nicer and rode smoother than any car I had ever ridden in. I start fiddling with the lights and gadgets in the back seat of the sleek black Lincoln until the vehicle starts moving, then I mechanically put on my seatbelt. As the driver stops the cramped car, the four of us pile out with little grace, as is the family style, in front of a large, grey-stoned church. I had attended this harshly cold and unfriendly Catholic church with my grandparents on every holiday visit that had to do with God in some way and yet it still seemed distantly unfamiliar, but in stark contrast, the delicate and ornate flower arrangements on the front steps today at least gave it a welcoming air. I wonder if they were made by my uncle. He was always
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vivaciously interested in and talented at making sophisticated flower arrangements.
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personal narrative - Matt Grosjean ENG 100 Professor Majkut...

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