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sex and marriage editorial - Grosjean 1 Matt Grosjean March...

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Grosjean 1 Matt Grosjean March 13, 2008 ENG 100 Thurs 7-9:45 Professor Maijkut Sex. It’s just a word. But with so many implications, allegations and connotations surrounding it, it’s not just a word, it’s a “dirty” word. It had been said that the American view of sex is uptight, irrational and narrow-minded when compared to worldly, specifically European, views, but when faced with faithlessness and affairs, adultery and infidelity, it’s hard not to get caught up in the fun. Who doesn’t love a good scandal? Who will change the channel during a hotshot politician’s fall from grace due to an “extra-marital affair?” But what of the women who stand by their man in his time of crisis? What do they wish to salvage? Their husbands’ careers, their family’s futures, their public image? These women need to think more highly of themselves and take control of their lives and leave an emotionally abusive relationship in which they are aware of the “other woman.” In a time where a husband’s career can be seen spiraling downwards, it is understandable that someone could lose sight of what is important in life. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you may view yourself in your personal political view, in a landslide statistic, 90% percent of Americans say that adultery is morally wrong. Then why do the wives of cheating politicians publicly overlook their husbands’ immoral ways and stand beside their husbands in the limelight? One explanation for this may be the wish to salvage their husbands’ careers. This is important to wives especially when he is the sole breadwinner in the relationship. And let’s face it, public service can be a cushy job especially when one is a senator, governor or even a mayor. Public praise and rock star – status when walking down the street is a hard way of life to pass up. But when do
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Grosjean 2 personal ethics and morality outweigh these benefits? Women everywhere in these situations need to stand up for family values by leaving these abusive men. Whether the wife of a public servant stays with the adulterer or not, it seems that his political career is
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sex and marriage editorial - Grosjean 1 Matt Grosjean March...

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