IR troop withdrawals

IR troop withdrawals - Matt Grosjean International...

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Matt Grosjean International Relations MWF 11-11:50 Professor Cobbledick December 10, 2007 One of the major problems that Iraq faces currently is the irrational lines drawn by white men in Europe after the second World War. These borders are not recognized by most nations inside the Middle East. In anthropology, there is a distinct difference between a nation and a state and that distinction is integral to this argument. A nation is a groups of people who share a collective identity based on a common culture, language, territorial base and history. In Iraq, there are three distinct nations: the Kurds, the Sunni and the Shiites. A state is a completely different term. The majority of states are made up of more than one recognized nation; pluralistic. A state is the most formal of political systems and is a hallmark of civilization. A state is a centralized political system, with complex judicial systems, taxation systems, and military systems, involving large numbers of people within a defined territory who are organized and directed by a formal government that has the capacity and the authority to make laws and use force to defend the social order. This is the reason that the very idea of iraq and its surrounding entities (states) is rightly questioned by nations located in the Middle East. Any invading army, more specifically the US’ army currently occupying iraq, has no rights, only responsibilities. The responsibilities of the US army and any other invading army include adhering to the will of the victims left inside the country post- invasion and paying massive reparations for all crimes committed against occupied state. In respect to the US, these reparations would date back to the initial support of Hussein
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IR troop withdrawals - Matt Grosjean International...

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