CSE 4482 Assignment 2 - CSE 4482 Computer Security Management Assessment and Forensics Assignment 3 Due date For the purposes of this assignment you

CSE 4482 Assignment 2 - CSE 4482 Computer Security...

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CSE 4482 Computer Security Management: Assessment and Forensics For the purposes of this assignment, you will have to download and install 2 well known security (software) tools – Wireshark and Snort – on your own computer. It is highly recommended that you create a directory C:\security\ on your hard drive and, subsequently, download and install these tools from that directory. 1.Wireshark [30 points] (This question is adapted from R. Boyle’s “Applied Information Security: A Hands-On Guide to Information Security Software”.) Wireshark, formerly named Ethereal, is one of the most well-known packet sniffers. This is a flexible and powerful tool, and it will likely be around for a long time as the industry standard packet sniffer. In this question, you are asked to install Wireshark and do a few exercises to give you a small taste of what Wireshark can do. In addition to downloading and installing Wireshark, you will also have to install WinPcap in order to actually capture the packets being sent over your network. Assignment 3 Due date: Nov 26, 2013
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