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modern israel 10 - Modern Israel Wednesday, March 5, 2008...

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Modern Israel Wednesday, March 5, 2008 Holocaust and Israel Had the Jews in Palestine done enough in terms of relief programs for the Jews in Europe during the war? British only agreed to allow the Yishuv to send aid to Europe at the very end of the war when in fact a group of Jewish parachutes were sent to Europe in order to establish Jewish underground forces to fight against the Germans (small and mainly symbolic gesture) Issues of tension on how to relate to the holocaust—had the Yishuv failed the Jews of Europe? And had the Jews of Europe really fallen like lambs to slaughter? First wave of mass immigration were holocaust survivors and for the large part didn’t talk about their experiences Hungary during the war: Hungary was the last haven of European Jews, government was an ally of Germany but refused to cooperate German demands to hand over Jews (refuge for the Jews of Europe) Demanded that Hungarian government hand over Hungarian Jews for extermination of Auschwitz, Eichmann was in charge of this operation (and organizing deportations to Auschwitz) When the German army invades Hungary, Eichmann and 200 of his men come in with the army and organize deportation of Hungarian Jewry, middle of May to July 1944 Jews were sent out to concentration camps, 70% killed, 30% sent to slave labor, only 60 thousand of these people were still alive when the war ended Within Hungary, while it was an ally of Germany, a group of Zionist activists formed a secret rescue committee whose job it was so bring Jews who escaped from Poland into Hungary and to help young Hungarian Jews escape towards the west The number two man on this committee was a man called Rezso Kastner (Rudolph, Israel) Kastner was associated with the left wing of the Zionist movement (labor party, mapai) Already in 1943 Kastner develops specialty-good at befriending
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German and Hungarian officials and bribing them while he brought in groups of people to safety, expert in cultivating with the enemy When the Germans invade it’s Kastner who is going to deal with them Eichmann’s objective was to deport the Jews into the gas chamber, another SS Colonel Kurt Becher had the job to grab as much Jewish money as he could (reported directly to Hitler) and mobilizes as many economic resources of the Hungarian Jewish community as possible and ships it off to Germany Kastner goes to Becher and tries to do a deal with him to stop the deportations to Auschwitz By 1944 everyone knows what the trains mean so the whole world is looking at Hungary and saying “don’t cooperate with the Germans because the allied armies are now going through Europe” and pressure is brought on the Hungarian government to stop deportation On July 8 th the deportation ends leaving untouched 172,000 Jews in the capital Budapest, Eichmann is furious
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modern israel 10 - Modern Israel Wednesday, March 5, 2008...

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