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modern israel 15

modern israel 15 - Modern Israel Wednesday April 2 2008...

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Modern Israel Wednesday, April 2, 2008 Question of settlements: built on sites that had been Jewish towns prior to 1948 and had been destroyed in the battle of 1948 or on sites of major Jewish religious significance. Small group of people ideologically like Gush Emunim (represented major shift in the political position of the religious nationalist sector of Israeli society) After Begin government comes to power, new model of settlements in addition to the Gush Emunim settlements, government of Begin (who believed that Israel should control the West Bank for nationalist reasons) reverses policy of previous labor governments that says territories will be returned in exchange for peace (policy from 1977 on and most on 1980s) In 1978 the government developed a settlement plan that called for economic inducement (encourages people to live in west bank, cheap housing loans would be made available for people who wanted to settle there) Now population in settlements were average young secular Israelis because that’s where they could afford to have a house with a garden Government begins to plan for 100,000 settlers by 1982 and for 500,000 settlers by 2010 The nature of the settlement movement is transformed, now normal Israelis who are looking to improve their standard of living Government thinking was: they realized that there would never be a situation in the west bank where there would be more Jews than Palestinians. There were almost 3 million Palestinians in the west bank in the 1990s Concept that if Israel established enough settlements it could break up the territorial connectedness of the west bank thereby preventing a Palestinian state from ever emerging Labor government originally attempts to find Palestinians that would accept Palestinian autonomy while Begin government tries to make sure that that never happens Begin would only authorize some form of municipal autonomy
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(very local) and the settlement map was designed to place Jewish settlements in the middle of populated Arab areas in the empty land between villages (250 miles of roads) Aim is not to achieve demographic dominance but to prevent the creation of Palestinian political independence in the west bank and losing control Sharon most closely identified with settlement movement Most of the settlement activity can be broken up into different categories—the large urban areas (Ariel) which is close to the border, over 165 smaller settlements established throughout the west bank (165,000 people)
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modern israel 15 - Modern Israel Wednesday April 2 2008...

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