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Modern Israel 12 - Modern Israel Monday Consequences of the...

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Modern Israel Monday, March 24, 2008 Consequences of the War of 1967 How the war transforms the Middle East and Israel Israel is now larger territory, 32000 square miles (addition of almost 28000) Israel has much simpler borders, must more defensive borders but the territory it controls is now the subject of controversy After the war ended the Arab world decided in Hartum that there would be no negotiations, no recognitions, and no peace with Israel until Israel returns the territory and then maybe they’ll agree to peace (expression of Arab humiliation of military victory) Strong reaction throughout the middle east to the extent and speed of Israel’s victory, Arab world had been humiliated and there were definite calls for revenge against Israel and Arab governments that failed to use resources against Israel During the 3 year period after the six day war there were military coups in Iraq, Syria, and Jordan (King Hussein), each of these had local causes but it was also a reflection of the turmoil that was created in the middle east as a result of the war Borders of 1967 were the results of UN partition of the land of Israel plus adjustments that were made in the war of 1948 but the borders of ’48 to ’67 had been imposed on the Israeli political system and people accepted that as the best that could be achieved, but the victory reopens the question completely Break up of historical coalition that ran Israel between MAPAI and MAFDAL, after 1967 when the question of the future of the occupied territories begin to dominate Israeli life this coalition breaks up, MAFDAL becomes increasingly nationalist and increasingly messianic According to some Jews the messiah will come and redeem the world and that will come in some unknown time in the future when certain conditions had been fulfilled- Hatchalat de Geula Abandoned moderate labor party and support a much more radical set of policies There had always been a certain question mark over Israel’s existence, surrounded by so many hostile Arab states
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Transformation of American policy to Israel, US had not always been a friendly ally of Israel, its friendship had been expressed in a limited amount of economic support, almost no military or political support
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Modern Israel 12 - Modern Israel Monday Consequences of the...

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