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modern israel 14 - Modern Israel Monday 1981 Egyptian...

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Modern Israel Monday, March 31, 2008 1981 Egyptian embassy opens in Tel Aviv Relations with Egypt have weathered some incredible ups and down, Egyptians have withdrawn ambassadors at various times but at no point have they broken up relations or gone back on peace treaty 1982 Israel bombed nuclear reactor in Iraq, Israel was publicly criticized, Egyptian ambassador was not withdrawn, relations survived Begin’s second most domestic achievement was a domestic one- operation renewal From 1979-2001 the Israeli government began ambitious program of urban renewal designed to repair damage/problems created in the construction of mass housing and development towns during the 1950s and 1960s Begin’s party drew a lot of its political support from these neighborhoods and Begin responded to the needs of his electorate with greater sensibility than the socialistic government that preceded him Operation renewal was urban renewal based on resident participation, government provided money for social programs and reconstruction of housing and rebuilding of infrastructure in over 160 neighborhoods throughout Israel, affecting 20% of Israel’s population Individual apartments were expanded, building permission was given Other development for which Begin’s government is remembered was a series of events on the northern border, September 1970 the armed Palestinian units confronted the Jordanian army in a manner that forced the Jordanians to decide to expel the armed Palestinian fighters, it seemed as if the Palestinians were on the verge of taking over Jordan and usurping King Hussein, so Jordanian army forced the king to move, and in a series of bloody battles called Black September, the Palestinians were overwhelmed by the Jordanian army and the armed groups were expelled from the Palestinian refugee camps and the only place that they could go to was Lebanon
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Lebanon was a divided society maintaining fragile political balance, not strong enough to oppose groups Direct result of the victory of the Jordanian army in 1970 over the Palestinians was the transfer of the armed Palestinian units to southern Lebanon and the opening up of a new armed front against Israel Situation with Lebanon began to deteriorate as a result, in 1975 a Lebanese civil war started that continued for 15 years, Lebanese Christians turned to Israel for support Once the civil war breaks out in Lebanon two things happen: 1) the Syrians move into Lebanon in order to restore law and
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modern israel 14 - Modern Israel Monday 1981 Egyptian...

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