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modern israel 11

modern israel 11 - Modern Israel Monday Six-Day War...

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Modern Israel Monday, March 10, 2008 Six-Day War Following ’56 war, Israel’s borders had become quiet, Arab guerillas into Israel had dropped dramatically (in part because Arab government stopped supportuting them and UN observers along the borders of Egypt and because Palestinian refugees organize themselves in a fighting unit—PLO) PLO founded in 1964 brought together various Palestinian groups, and in the 30 months prior to the 6 day war they managed to renew the cross-border war against Israel with 122 armed raids into Israeli territory on an average of 1 a week PLO was armed by Syrian government but came across Jordanian and Lebanese borders Also clashes with the Arab governments over the use of the river Jordan (enters into the sea of Galilee and then flows out south into the dead sea) Israel began to build a water carrier that took water from water ridge north of the country into the dryer south/center extending the agricultural land considerably (center of Israel becomes possible for farming and surplus is diverted to the south) This is the national water carrier opens officially in June 1964. The Syrian government did everything it could to prevent Israel using this water (shelled construction works and tried to divert the river Jordan that rises also in Syrian territory) Clashes in 1965 and 1966 (artillery clashes and aerial clashes) —the border that had been quiet since about 1957 once again becomes problematic Syrian boats also opened fire on Israeli fishing boats and Israeli farmers in the de-militarized zone On April 7 th 1967 there was a serious aerial clash between Israeli and Syrian air force, Syrian fighter shot down over sea of Galilee and shot down another 5 of them that fell over the capital of Damascus All in all the Syrians lost 6 plans and Israelis lost none. There were 14 other incidents in the month of April and had also been Israeli responses to terror attacks along the Jordanian border Terror coming out of Jordan was followed by Israeli responses
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including a big raid in November 1966 after terrorists laid mines that killed Israeli soldiers within Israel Followed by popular demonstration in Jordan taunting the Egyptians and Nasser who said he was the leader of the Arab world (confronted Israel in 1956 war) and Jordanians now complained that he was hiding behind UN emergency forces in Gaza UNEF Following April 1967 confrontation with Syrians, Israel warns Syria that it should not attempt to use air force against Israel again, atmosphere of threat in the air The Russians who are Syria and Egypt’s patrons tell the government that Israel is massing their army to invade Syria, but this was untrue. Israel invited soviet ambassador to see with his own eyes that it’s not true, but to the atmosphere of threat and counter-threat now comes a soviet attempt to get the Arabs Nasser decides to act—mobilizes his army and reverse gains from ’56 (Sinai dessert, UN troops placed in Gaza, and south of
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