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First study questions/topics/vocabulary 1. What does “Paleolithic” mean? 2. In what countries are painted Paleolithic caves found? 3. When were the Paleolithic caves painted? 4. What materials were used by Paleolithic artists to paint with? 5. Where within the caverns were the painted Paleolithic chambers typically located? 6. What does iconoclasm mean? 7. What religions, past and present, have practiced iconoclasm? 8. What was the “Iconoclastic Controversy,” and how was it resolved? 9. What happened at Bamiyan in February of 2001? Why? 10. What was so incendiary about the “Danish cartoons”? 11.What is the difference between iconoclasm and censorship? 12. What is Chris Ofili’s cultural background? How is this reflected in his work, “Virgin Mary”? 13. Where did Ofili’s “Virgin Mary” raise such an uproar of protest? Why? 14. Why was Manet’s painting “Luncheon in the Grass” so offensive to the public? 15. How did the way it was painted differ from the approved manner? 16.
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First study questionsb - First study...

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