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Functionalism and conflict theory

Functionalism and conflict theory - Functionalism and...

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Functionalism and conflict theory Functionalism: The functionalist perspective is that people work together within organizations and groups that form a social structure. This social structure “evolves and survives” because it serves a social purpose. Conflict theory: The conflict theorists see a division in society between the “haves” and the “have-nots”. Conflict theorists see a world there is a constant struggle between the “haves”, who possess large amounts of money and power, and are trying to keep them, and the “have-nots”, who do not possess large amounts of money or power, and are trying to attain them. Functionalism and conflict theory can be applied to the credit terms needed to purchase a car or a house. The Functionalist view would be that, as a business, a money lender such as a bank or credit union can only afford to lend money to those who (considering their prior history), seem to be likely to be able to pay it back (with interest). Banks and other lenders serve an important role in society by
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