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Physics 20A: Introduction to Astronomy Homework assignment #3 Due October 20 1. Textbook, p. 108, #2. 2. Textbook, p. 108, #6. 3. Textbook, p. 108, #7. 4. Textbook, p. 108, #10. 5. Textbook, p. 108, #15. 6. Textbook, p. 108, #16. 7. Textbook, p. 108, #17. 8. Explain why Newton’s laws of gravity are more fundamental than Kepler’s laws of planetary motion. 9. Which object exerts a stronger gravitational pull on your body: a 100-kilogram person standing 10 meters
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Unformatted text preview: away from you, or a Boeing 747 that is 1000 meters away from you? Are the forces from the two objects similar in strength, or is the gravitational pull much stronger from one of the objects than from the other? ( Note: A fully loaded 747 with fuel, passengers, and cargo can have a mass up to about 400,000 kilograms-use this number in your calculation.) 10. Textbook, p. 109, #33. 1...
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