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Robert E. Pritchard 20478537 Political Science 395H Fall 2007 Socrates In the A pology , although Socrates is very insistent in his claim that he is not a teacher, he says: “I believe the no greater good has ever befallen you in our city than my service to my god; because all I do is to go about persuading you, young and old alike, not to care for your bodies or for your wealth so intensely as for the greatest possible well being of your souls (30ab).” In saying this, Socrates is claiming that he assists the city by advising people on how they should think. Many people would consider this to be the act of teaching. In the Apology , Socrates argues that it is his divine mission assigned by the gods to philosophize and ask questions about the way the people of Athens live their lives. He continues to philosophize even though he knows it will lead him to his death. He says “An unexamined life is no life for a human being to live (38a).” In the Crito , this divine mission is no longer present. Socrates shows two seemingly conflicting religious points of view in the Apology and the Crito . These two opposite views can be reconciled because of Socrates’ belief in the laws of Athens. When Crito tries to convince Socrates to escape, Socrates tells him that he would be doing the laws of Athens an injustice if he were to disobey them by escaping. Socrates treats the Laws of Athens as an entity. Socrates poses some questions as if he were the Laws of Athens examining his own moral dilemma. He
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1st paper - Robert E. Pritchard 20478537 Political Science...

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