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Lecture 13 Notes

Lecture 13 Notes - Types of AID-Businesses-multi-lateral...

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Culture and Development - Aftermath of Cuban Revolution: The US stopped sending so much aid b/c they didn’t want any more Cubas - Kennedy sent money to the anti-communists. - More trouble=More aid - Scandinavian countries give the greatest percentage of their GNP, America’s Shame: % US GDP that goes to Aid 1960 .5% Late 60’s .75% Spike as a resultof Cuban revolution To after .3 - .2% - Huge amount of aid in Latin America Sachs, Clinton Foundation has been very influencial in pressuring countries to give Sachs’ “Singiness” or “miserly by comparison” - US aid (or lack there of) Aid: Not foreign investment: profit for business, it helps country so it commercial Banks: loans for investment but private business w/ profit Defined by what it is not Gov’t Aid/Bilateral Aid: gov’t to gov’t
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Unformatted text preview: Types of AID-Businesses-multi-lateral aid: Multilateral agencies, that many countries belong Big range of what aid can be doing Not all countries have an equal say on what the policies are IMF: voting power is proportional to amount of money put in. Western aid has been biased towards private profit sector- Aid is political the poorer the country does not mean that it is more likely to get money Boston Globe Articles-US aid money is being channeled through religious organizations-$ comes with religious influence Stiglib and Bhagwan Articles-What’s good? Bad?-Helping? Not helping?-Positive effects of globalization? Issues that Sachs brings up-Aid not only trade-Sees the economics of helping-Agriculture as critical Green revolution...
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