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Lecture 14 Notes - 3 Human Capital Theory/Education a...

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Garrett Brnger 3/18/08 Lecture 14 1. Westernization, modernization theory - Not so much about Weber’s theory of Capitalism and the spirit of Protestantism - The US could do it, why not everyone else? - Countries should abandon their own culture and accept ours - Measures by dumb stuff “do you know the US President” 1. If you’re learning about Soviet stuff in school, why would you know that? - What about China? It has a completely different culture. Same with Japan. - US government supports westernized leaders – aid - Doesn’t always work – Turkey under Attah Turk bought into it - There’s now resistance in Turkish culture (traditional culture never disappeared) 2. Culture of Poverty Thesis - There’s a culture of despair and disorganization which results in poverty - It’s the poor people’s fault because they’re hopeless - You need to change your culture if you want to reduce their poverty Argument - Not many opportunities
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Human Capital Theory/Education a. Biases in education system: gender, class, race/ethnicity, a, public/private b. Biases in access to education – class, gender/rural-urban c. Diploma disease (qualification inflation) d. Country differences: 1. Regional 2. DC vs. LDC education investment: 20:1-Country vs. City-Rich vs. Poor-Problems stem from dominant class, not the government 4. Resistance to Westernization rewrite history Indigenous movements (including in schools): Muslim movements 5. Historic Biases of Education Aid a. Cold War b. Class/urban biases c. Debt crisis (lower social expenditures) 6. Brain Drain U.S. CULTURAL IMPERIALISM 1. MEANING? White Man’s Burden (“civilize LDCs”) 2. Missionaries “need for development”: foreign aid workers 3. In what ways? News, food, music, consumerism 4. Why? Belief in superiority economists? Marketing, ads...
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Lecture 14 Notes - 3 Human Capital Theory/Education a...

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