Lecture 15 Notes

Lecture 15 Notes - b Acculturation to West-Adoption of...

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Garrett Brnger 3/25/08 Lecture 15 U.S. CULTURAL IMPERIALISM? 1. MEANING? White Man’s Burden (“civilize LDCs”) 2. Missionaries a. “Need for Development”: foreign aid workers 3. In What Ways? a. News b. Foods c. Music d. Consumerism 4. Why? a. Belief in superiority (academic justification) b. Economic interests: marketing, advertising - People are not born wanting to eat McDonald’s - Nothing inherently better in American products - Michael Jordan was paid more to promote Nike than all the Indonesian workers who made the shoes were paid c. U.S. TV/Movies - Bias over what information is disseminated abroad - This is a deliberate strategy from the government 5. Consequences a. LDC sense of inferiority - Our food isn’t as good, our clothing isn’t as good
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Unformatted text preview: b. Acculturation to West-Adoption of clothing c. Resistance-Iranian adoption of the veil-Rejection of Western values PUBLIC EXPENDITURE ON EDUCATION (%) 1970’s 1990s Africa 3 4 Asia 4 4 Arab States 5 6 Latin Am/Caribbean 3 4 Developed countries 6 5 PER CAPITA EDUCATION SPENDING ($) 1970s 1990s Africa 7 17 Asia 10 70 Arab States 15 114 Latin Am/Caribbean 20 99 Developed countries 136 750 Notes on May You Be The Mother of a Hundred Sons-A son is an investment: supports the parents in own age, brings in a bride and dowry, does not have to leave to go to in-laws as a daughter does-Big pressure to produce sons-The rich do more gender-selective abortion (can afford it)-...
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Lecture 15 Notes - b Acculturation to West-Adoption of...

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