Feb 26- The Maghreb

Feb 26- The Maghreb - -Colons had representatives in...

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26 February 2008 The Maghreb The Land and People - 1830 French invasion of Algeria o Land policy o Assimilation o Pieds noirs/colons (1936 killed Blum-Violette Bill) o Divide and rule o Taxation - Algerian reactions o Migration o Proto-nationalism o Nationalism 1926 Messali Hadj Étoile Nord Africain - We get natural gas from Algeria. - French government in 1830 was in trouble and wanted the prestige of a military victory - Abdel Kader - Moroccan sultan aiding Algerians - “Nothing good can come from colonialism - Only Jewish and Christians were citizens - Undeveloped land was given to pieds-noirs Assimilation - People in France believed that it meant drawing Arabs into French culture and imposing French law - In Algeria, the French thought that by virtue of their vote, they were part of France - Taxed non-citizens (Arabs)
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Unformatted text preview: -Colons had representatives in parliament in France-We are confronted by a hearty perennial, a strong identity, which must be eliminated o Assimilation means taking their power-Algerian elite lost power through o Failure to be appointed o Lack of administrative power-indigenat- if an Algerian appeared about to create disorder, he could be arrested.-Few schools and very little instruction in written Arabic Reactions-Some Algerians moved out -Then they stayed and they listed out their rights (representation, citizenship, education)-toile nord africain wanted full independence o Ignored people willing to compromise o Some just wanted to be assimilated fairly -First call for independence in 1926...
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Feb 26- The Maghreb - -Colons had representatives in...

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