ISS 335 Jan. 24th - Minority-...

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ISS 335 Intro ch1 Race and ethnic relations – basic ?s - Nature of relationships among multiethnic groups - Howe are the groups ranked and its consequences - Dominant vs. subordinate groups - Assimilation and pluralism A comparative approach - Race and ethnicity in the US and other societies Ethnic Groups Characteristics of Ethnic groups Unique cultural traits- subcultures Sense of community Ethnocentrism Ascribed Membership (not voluntary) Ethnicity as a variable Races Race as a Biological notion Bases of racial classification Race and Social traits The social meaning of race Race and Ethnicity: A synthesis – complex notion-difficult to define Read development of racism- carefully Racism Ideology of Racism-belief system Functions of Racism- The ideology the classify people and justify the structured inequalities
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Development of Racism - 18th century Racism in modern thought- the genetic differences have minimal significance as far as behavior and intelligence is concerned Ethnic Stratification Systems-1(ch2) A system of structured inequalities- establishment of dominance and subordinate relationships
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Unformatted text preview: Minority- cultural/racial/physical/classification Majority groups- Dominance Sociological and Numerical Meaning WASP-white Anglo-Saxon population What’s the difference between social and numerical majority? (ON EXAM) Ethnic Stratification Systems-2 Differential reward system- discrimination treatment (Louis Wirth, 1945) Differential power to amass the resources Types of Minorities Ethnic Minorities Dominant groups Political, economic, and cultural dominance Control of immigration The relativity of dominant and minority status The Origins of Ethnic Stratification-1 Forms of Contact Conquest Annexation Voluntary Immigration Involuntary Immigration Consequences of contact They do have preferences of quotas for certain countries to allow immigration from that country. (US Immigration and Citizenship) The Origins of Ethnic Stratification-2 Read the Lieberson’s model-1961...
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ISS 335 Jan. 24th - Minority-...

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