Observation Assignmen1 - Observation Assignment Stage #1:...

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Unformatted text preview: Observation Assignment Stage #1: Topic Proposal Question: Do male children and female children approach math with the same attitude. Does one approach math with more ease than the other one? Hypothesis: Male children will approach math positively and receive more math question correct then the female children when asked by the teacher. At a young age, children begin to learn general math concepts that they will continue to use for the rest of their lives. Each child will develop at his or her own pace, one is generally presumed more competent than the other is. The relevance of this study is very important because the struggle in math is something that people deal with all their life. Whether you are in third grade, learning your times tables or in College taking a Calculus class. Math is something that you deal with everyday whether you like it or not. At a young age, boys and girls begin to learn concepts that they will build on throughout the rest of their education. For example the SAT, in the beginning of the math section you are tested on the basic their education....
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Observation Assignmen1 - Observation Assignment Stage #1:...

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