Reducing the effects of Acid Reflux

Reducing the effects of Acid Reflux - • Allergy-like...

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Reducing the effects of Acid Reflux More people than you might expect have reflux issues. Experts estimate that about 15 million Americans have it Acid Reflux disease. Some causes for reflux are: Stress Being overweight Wearing tight clothes Eating certain foods Eating too close to bedtime Peppermint flavored mints and gum can relax the sphincter muscle that holds in the gastric juices. Some of the problems associated with Acid Reflux are: Raspy, tired voice Loss of vocal endurance and range Bad taste in mouth “Morning” voice Sinus infections
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Unformatted text preview: • Allergy-like symptoms Ways you can reduce your chances of Acid Reflux: • Avoid eating 2 hours or less before you go to bed • Wear loose-fitting clothing, especially around the waist • Find foods that cause indigestion for you and avoid them • Take over-the-counter or prescription drugs for reducing acid • Lose weight • Reduce your stress level by avoiding stressful situations, or through stress-coping mechanisms (breathing techniques, meditation, etc.) • Elevate the head of your bed by 4-6 inches...
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