Cardio Respiratory Fitness

Cardio Respiratory Fitness - better control of body fat o...

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The Cardio Respiratory System - heart - blood vessels - respiratory system - cardio respiratory system at rest and during exercise Energy Production - energy from food: glucose/glycogen - AT: adenosine triphosphate Exercise and the 3 Energy Systems - 3 energy systems o The immediate energy system o Anaerobic energy system o Aerobic energy system - energy systems in combination - physical fitness and energy production Benefits of Cardio Respiratory Endurance Exercise - improved CR function - Improved cellular metabolism reduced risk of chronic disease o CVD o Cancer o Diabetes o Osteoporosis -
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Unformatted text preview: better control of body fat o improved I mmune function-improved psychological and emotional wellbeing Assessing Cardio Respiratory Fitness-4 assessment tests o 3 minute step test o 1/5 mile run/walk test o Astrand-rhyming cycle test-heart rate measurement -interpret score Developing a Cardio Respiratory Endurance Program-set goals-choose activities-determine frequency-determine intensity o target heart rate subtract age from 220 = max heart rate 60% to 80% of max HR = target o ratings of perceived of exertion...
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Cardio Respiratory Fitness - better control of body fat o...

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