Physical Wellness Characteristics

Physical Wellness Characteristics - -find satisfaction in...

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Physical Wellness Characteristics - eating well - exercising - avoiding harmful habits - making responsible life decisions - education about disease - regular medical/dental checkups Emotional Wellness Characteristics - optimism - trust - self esteem - self acceptance - self confidence - self control - satisfying relationships - ability to share feelings Intellectual Wellness Characteristics - openness to new ideas - a capacity to question and think critically - motivation to master new skills - sense of humor - creativity - curiosity Spiritual Wellness Characteristics - a set of guiding beliefs - principles - values - capacity for love - compassion - forgiveness - altruism - joy - fulfillment Interpersonal and Social Wellness Characteristics - satisfying relationships - good communication skills - developing the capacity for intimacy - cultivating a support network Occupational Wellness Characteristics - feel a sense of accomplishment in your work - balance work and other aspects of life
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- seek challenges at work
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Unformatted text preview: -find satisfaction in being creative and innovative Wellness vs. Health-wellness is an expanded idea of health-health is viewed as an absence of physical disease-wellness is a new concept-past health was the view of absence from infectious disease-primary focus today is the threat of chronic disease o heart disease o cancer o stroke o (three leading causes of death for Americans today) Behaviors that Contribute to Wellness-be physically active-choose a healthy diet-maintain a healthy body weight-manage stress effectively-avoid tobacco and drugs-protect yourself from disease and injury Management of your Lifestyle-educating yourself-making change-motivation-locus of control o external vs. internal o source of responsibility for the events in life-develop plan-monitor behavior and gather data-analyze the data-set goals-devise strategy or plan of action...
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Physical Wellness Characteristics - -find satisfaction in...

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