Stress - -somatic nervous system manages our conscious...

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What is Stress - the collective psychological and emotional responses to any stimulus that disturbs and individual’s homeostasis o the non-specific response of the body to demands placed upon it Elements of Stress - a stressor is any physical or psychological even or condition that triggers stress - the stress responses consists of the emotional and physical reactions - stress is the state that accompanies the stress response Actions of the Nervous System - autonomic nervous system: unconscious actions o parasympathetic o sympathetic Other Physical Responses - endocrine system: hormones - the nervous and endocrine system act in tandem - three stage physical response o alarm: fight or flight o resistance: new level of tolerance o exhaustion: breakdown of homeostasis symptoms of distorted perceptions and disorganized thinking Emotional and Behavioral Responses
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Unformatted text preview: -somatic nervous system: manages our conscious actions; how we respond-effective and ineffective responses Stress and Disease-General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) o Pleasant stressor (eustress) o Unpleasant stressor (distress)-links between stress and specific conditions o CVD: high blood pressure leading to atherosclerosis, stroke H.A., death o Immune system impairment o Digestive problems o Headaches o Fatigue o Injuries Recognition of Potential Sources of Stress-major life changes-daily hassles-college stressors-job related stressors-interpersonal stressors-social stressors Managing Stress-coping skills-social support-exercise-nutrition-time management-cognitive techniques-clear communication-relaxation techniques-getting help...
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Stress - -somatic nervous system manages our conscious...

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