ESSAY 1 - ESSAY 1 The Familiar Essay I am a trendsetter I...

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ESSAY 1: The Familiar Essay I am a trendsetter. I am a historian. Therefore, I am the future and the past. I exist in the present. My name is Yume and I am a God. At least, that’s how I define myself. Others define me as an urban folk artist, a “tagger,”, a graffitist, a nuisance, a criminal, a hero. I am all things to all people, a God. I could try to justify what I do. There would be plenty of logic, and arguments, and evidence, but I don’t do that. One thing I am not is a writer. Rather, I am a painter. What I am about to do for you is to paint with words the scenes of just a few recent nights, when I decided a certain wall on a certain street in a certain neighborhood needed a certain something. To be blatant, this is “frame.” Its an introduction of sorts to an artistic representation of an ordinary night doing ordinary stuff in the ordinary life of a God. This will be justification enough. September 7, 2007
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Sammy called. He wanted me to meet him at the north side of his apartment complex. There’s only one reason for Sammy being at the north side and needing someone else with him. I put this though to the back of my mind as I closed the door behind me. It was going to be a long walk all the way up to Attenborough Drive, especially at this time of night. I knew I wouldn’t need any of my equipment tonight, save one crucial piece. I place the seven-and-a-half inch black carbon-fiber blade snugly between my sock and boot lining. I wasn’t bringing any cash with me, so if accosted, I’d have to fight. Twice this happened in the last month alone. August was bad, September was not much better, but I’d heard stories that made what happened to me seem like winning the lottery. The first time I was able to outrun the would-be thief, not so the second time. A few seconds of siren and 9 stitches later, I was out of the hospital and assumed I still had all my major
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ESSAY 1 - ESSAY 1 The Familiar Essay I am a trendsetter I...

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