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Zhu 1 Writing II February 18, 2008 Professor Meltzer Edwin Zhu Clinton vs Obama on Healthcare As much as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama agree on the majority of political theories as Democrats, they also differ in certain areas. Critics Tom Friedman and Timothy Noah, like many others, focus their analysis on these two candidates’ different opinion regarding upon healthcare. Critic David Leonhardt, however, pointed out that the real difference roots from their different economic philosophies, and that healthcare is merely one part of such big disparity. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have one common goal in terms of Healthcare: to achieve universal coverage. Obama believes that if Healthcare is made affordable, people will buy it while Clinton thought that it is essential that everyone is mandated to own it because not everyone will purchase Health Insurance even when it is less costly, and some will not buy it until they become ill. Clinton’s plan is supported by Friedman, who believes that Clinton’s mandate would cover almost twice as many of those now uninsured as Obama’s non-mandated health plan. According to Friedman’s statistics, “Clinton’s mandate would cover 45 million of those currently uninsured, at a taxpayer $124 million per year.” Obama’s non-mandated plan, on the other hand, would cover 23 million at a taxpayer cost of 102 billion per year. Obama’s plan would cost $4400 per newly insured person while the Clinton plan only $2700. Therefore, Friedman believes that mandate would be the better plan with one of the reason being that it covers more universally and costs less. Past studies from 2003 further proves the advantages of having a mandate. Nevertheless, one could dispute that just because a plan is devised, it does not
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Zhu 2 necessary mean approval. Friedman backed up his argument by saying, “while it is easy to see how the Clinton plan could end up being eviscerated, it’s hard to see how the hole in the Obama
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Writing II summary essay - Zhu 1 Writing II Professor...

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