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LLRN 207 18 January 2008 Essay Four Kevin, there are many different styles of music in the twentieth-century. One, which is probably very common to you, is Jazz. Jazz music originated down south in Louisiana. This type of music took the world by storm. It led America to the top of the music culture. We’ve been there ever since! Also patriotic tunes were extremely popular, especially during the World Wars. It’s unfortunate that you may never experience that intense patriotism that reflected onto the music scene here in the United States. The British became more interested in the opera
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Unformatted text preview: scene. They dominated the scene with Ralph Vaughan Williams and Benjamin Brittan leading the way. The Germans people were scattered left in ruins from the World Wars. Pop music similar to the United States became popular around the country. Even today, many of their pop stars will sing in English. During the twentieth-century the Russian people still managed to produce some music even though their own government oppressed them. Many of these composers had to unfortunately flee their homeland. The hardship can be heard through some of their music...
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