Notes - Kubla Khan (all happening 1200/1300 AD) o Europeans...

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History 151 11/28/07 Notes: - Dr. Wells and the “family reunion” Globalization the European Age (Not so new) 1500-Pres. Begins to happen 1300 AD/CE - Started off as one family, and then distanced off globalization is reuniting the family - Global Culture: languages, consumer goods (i.e. McDonalds), athletes and superstars, more similarities between people living farther away - Have different cultures, but are being superimposed to be the same; cities and continents being linked (how the family gets put back together) - Time Line: 200 Ad Romans 500 AD Roman Collapse 750 Ad Rise of Arab Civ Split 1000 Ad Song Dynasty China/ 1300 Ad European Renaissance Mongol Empire Europe Remade: Renaissance and Reformation **Europeans come to be dominant after 1300s; didn’t start Globalization but joined it pretty early on. o Pg 338—399 Map on globalism in book; shows the Mongol empire, the empire of
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Unformatted text preview: Kubla Khan (all happening 1200/1300 AD) o Europeans want technology and art and culture; the renaissance is when they find out about all this experiencing capability o It happens in Northern Italy and spreads to other central areas; Italians learn from Asians not part of holy wars but close to it. o Power located in northern Italy in renaissance (Florence capital of renaissance) middleman between Asia and Europeans that want access to goods gunpowder, silk, porcelain, spices, ect. o ECONOMIC CHANGE: o Trade is going to happen through trade; in medevial Europe fiefdoms and manors and lords and taxes, the only way to have wealth is to own land, and have people work on it; renaissance about capitalism (paper money, and banks) o Sources of Wealth how can you make money without owning land? o Trade! o Papal banking Medicis...
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Notes - Kubla Khan (all happening 1200/1300 AD) o Europeans...

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