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His 151 12/5/07 Notes: Econ- Social- Politics- Religion Renaissance and Reformation: Economically papal banking, capitalism, international trade (west and east/globalization) Socially ‘Rebirth’ of arts and sciences (Greco-roman civilization) Sciences compass astrolabe, good for navigation (i.e. Trade) Arts humanistic, realists, individualism, secularism Politically Machiavelli (how rulers cam to power; fear v. love) Machiavellian Politics -The Case of Spain -arranged marriage
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Unformatted text preview: Ferdinand and Isabella/Aragon and Castille-Reconquista (expel Muslims from Spain)-Sephardic Jew’s get expelled as well-Leaves only catholic Christians, leads to Spanish inquisition Martin Luther-1483-1546 AD-Within the Catholic Church he begins protest: Protest ant Reform ation-posted 95 theses, on chapel door at Wittenberg castle on October 31 1517 states evidence what the pope and church says vs. what the bible says...
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