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Study Guide Exam I - History 152 Exam I-Study Guide 1...

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History 152 Exam I—Study Guide 1. Identifications and Multiple Choice: Be sure to List the time and place, who/what is it, and what is the significance of this person/event. Most significant detail about person Italicized Listed in Order of chapter - Louis XIV (the sun king): Time and Place France, Seventeenth Century Who/What regarded as most powerful king of seventeenth century; built Versailles, served as patron for the arts Significance Projected image of incomparable majesty and authority; greatest achievement was solve persistent problem of aristocratic independence and rebellion by securing the complete loyalty and dependence of old nobility; introduced order and uniformity into every aspect of his own life and country; held absolute government - Thomas Hobbes : Time and Place France, 1651 Who/What English Philosopher; Wrote the Leviathan —study of political philosophy but as a solution to the problems that plagued the West in mid seventeenth century Significance Supported absolute monarchy –the best way to achieve peace and security was for people to submit themselves to authority of single ruler. - John Locke: Time and Place England, 1600s Who/What Wrote Two Treatises of Government (1690)-revolutionary political manifesto; radical Whig Significance Protest against absolute policies of Charles II; argued men left the statue of nature and agreed to form political society in order to protect property and prevent chaos that characterized state of war; gave people permission to take up arms against an oppressive regime; pressed into service of various revolutionary/radical causes (declaration of independence by USA) - Nicolaus Copernicus: Time and Place polish cleric from 1473-1543 Who/What was the first to challenge old astronomy; published revolution of heavenly spheres (1543 yr. he died); theory was not widely excepted because not understandable. Significance
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Study Guide Exam I - History 152 Exam I-Study Guide 1...

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