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#1) Map of Jerusalem- #2) Old City- Population: 750,000 Elevation: 2500 ft Annual Rainfall per-year: 25 in Only rains during the winter (Nov.-April), No rain during the Summer (May-Oct.) … beautiful, dry and sunny. Draw map: #3) Discuss the idea, that in and of itself, Jerusalem had little strategic and/or economic importance. Geography- is not along major international highway, It is along Mediterranean Sea up in hills (higher to climb) -> is the closed region of the country. Jerusalem is a city that has no sea ports, or highways, they have to import goods from surrounding countries and can avoid sea battles when fighting. #4) Interpretation of Genesis 2:15 [“The LORD God took the man and put (placed/put in presence of God) him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it .”] 3 Key notes: Original: To WORK it -> to WORSHIP Revised: To TAKE CARE of it -> to OBEY
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Revised translation- Genesis 2:15 “The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to worship and to obey . -Places where humans worship and obey, fall takes place, no Longer intimate with God -Our job, as humans, is to live and worship God’s presence. #5) Interpretation of Genesis 9:27: -God dwelled in the Tent of Shem: Shem -> Abraham -> …. David, Solomon, Jesus -God will come and dwell with his people. #6) Six Major Elements of the Patriarchal Promise: 1.) Seed - Offspring, numerous descendants as one “Nation” as many as the stars; a.) Would start by Abraham and Sarah -> Isaac. i.) Blessing for Abraham. ii.) Abrahams “Name” (in God’s eyes, a gift!) would be great. iii.) God would bless/disfavor those who bless/disfavor Abraham. 2.) Descendants of Abraham would occupy the Land of Canaan. 3.) There would be Divine Blessing for Gentiles as well as for Jews. 4.) Yahweh will be Their God to His people (“I will be your God, you will be my people.) 5.) Kings would descend from Abraham. 6.) The Promise is Forever . #7.) Historical relationship of the names Jerusalem, Salem, Mt. Moriah and Jebus:
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jerusalemstudyguide1 - #1) Map of Jerusalem- #2) Old...

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