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Eva Lindstedt Con 110N John Loging 12-3-07 Take Home Exam # 3 Pick your favorite movie or television show. Clearly explain why it is their favorite movie or television show. Persuade me to watch that show. Use the different methods of persuasion we learned in class : (Propositions of value and by desired outcome: convincing) You are anxiously waiting in the audience, the theme music starts, the host introduces the performers, and they’re off! Game by game, the performers improvise on stage making the television show an immediate television sensation on ABC. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the television show, “Whose Line is it Anyway?” This television show is not only fun for the entire family, it’s a laugh-out-loud hilarious show. Whose line is it Anyway? was created by Dan Patterson and Mark Levenson in 1988 as a radio show on BBC Radio 4. Later on, the program became a television show in London hosted by Clive Anderson. Just because the show was shot in London, didn’t mean that the performers were all British, most of them in fact were not from the UK at all , but from the United States and Canada. Because of this fact, it became increasingly common to tape the television show in the United States. By 1998, this popular show came to the attention of comedian Drew Carey, who at the time was working with cast regular Ryan Stiles on the Drew Carey Show. Drew Cary convinced ABC to let him have a few trial episodes of a television version of “Whose Line is it Anyway” as the host. ABC did try our Drew Cary’s idea, and the show was a big success. The show lasted for 6 seasons with Drew Cary as the host of ABC’s hit improvisation show Whose Line is it Anyway? At the top of every show, the host, Drew Carey says: “ Whose Line is it Anyway? Where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.” The purpose of this television show is to entertain an audience. In this show four performers, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mocherie, Wayne Brady (the regulars) and either Greg Proops, Brad Scherwood, Chip Esten, Jeff Davis or celebrity guest stars (like Robin Williams) make up scenes from the top of their heads. The host, Drew Carey, takes suggestions from the audience for certain scenes and games that the actors have to perform. One game that is always a hit is called “Scenes from a Hat.” In this segment the audience writes down suggestions of scenes that they want the players to act out, suggestions like “if entertainers worked at funerals”, “inappropriate comments to give your mother” or “things you can say to your dog but not
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finalbasic - Eva Lindstedt Con 110N John Loging Take Home...

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