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Jerusalem Exam #2 Study Questions #1.) Draw Map of Jerusalem with four hills, three valleys, ancient cores, Solomonic expansion; water source. #2.) Old City: Population: 750,000 Elevation: 2500 ft Annual Rainfall per-year: 25 in. Only rains during the winter (Nov.-April), No rain during the Summer (May-Oct.)… beautiful, dry and sunny. Draw Map: #3.) Describe the growth and contraction of Jerusalem from David to Solomon to Hezekiah to Nehemiah. -From the Old Ancient Core of David, Solomon, expansion north, Hezekiah expansion (with the construction of his wall, Arigod’s Wall) to the new aged Jerusalem. In Hezekiah’s reign, it was approx. 125 acres. #4.) Biblical theme of God’s presence with his people: a.) Genesis 2:15- places humans to worship and obey- the fall takes place and people are no longer intimate with God
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b.) Genesis 9:27- “May God extend the territory of Jepheth; may Jepheth [NIV] (He)-God live in the tents of Shem, and may Canaan be his slave.” -“Cursed be Canaan!”- Son of Ham. -“Blessed be the LORD, the God of Shem.”- Semites- Abraham- descendants of Shem. -Shem, Hama, Japheth: Humankind starting over again. c.) Genesis 12:1-9-move to Abraham, Sarah, Lor, Terrah i.) Moved to Ur to Huran (turkey) to Canaan (Israel) ii.) Noah -> Shem (10 Children)… -> Abraham -> Isaac -> Jacob -> 12 tribes of Israel d.) Genesis 15- 15:6- Believed in faith and credited to him for righteousness. -15:7- Treaty aura covenant; a Covenant Ramification Ceremony- God walked through body parts e.) Genesis 17- where circumcision comes into practice. f.) Exodus 15:13- God will lead his people to the Holy Place, the promise land (PL). 17- God will bring them to the mountain of his dwelling, PL g.) Exodus 40- descends to be with God; should follow command and live their lives for God and to obey (10 commandments) Him. h.) Deuteronomy 12- The Israelites should seek the Place (One place) to put a name for themselves. -God will eventually choose a place to put his presence/name i.) 1 Kings 8- The Ark was brought from Shilo to the Tabernacle. #5.) Discus the idea, that in and of itself, Jerusalem has little strategic and/or economic importance. -Geography- is not along major international highway, It is along Mediterranean Sea up in hills (higher to climb) -> is the closed region of the country. Jerusalem is a city that has no sea ports, or highways, they have to import goods from surrounding countries and can avoid sea battles when fighting. -Jerusalem didn’t become important until David became King. It was then “I-90” plane of it’s time. #6.) Describe and discuss the major features of each of the following: Patriarchal Promise: 1.) Seed - Offspring, numerous descendants as one “Nation” as many as the stars; a.) Would start by Abraham and Sarah -> Isaac. i.) Blessing for Abraham.
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Jerusalemstudyguide2 - Jerusalem Exam #2 Study Questions...

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