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I AA Narne: n 1 " (last, fiIst) ESM 2204 Test I FoIm A September 10,200? Closed book, closed notes, one 8.5" x l l" formula sheet. Therc are ? multipl€ cboice problerns and one work out problem. Check for completeness. Sbow work on this test. lnstructor reserves right to giv€ no credit without any work shown. I hav€ neither given nor rccejved unauthorized aid on this tes1. (signatwe) FILL IN THE BLANK (10 poirts each -no panial credit) ]. Delemine th€ av€lage she.rinS stress in the pins thal .le uscd to support the hoisl€d steel plate. Note that the clevises support the pins on both sides of the plale. The pin diameter is 20 mm. E = 265 MP& G = 220 MPa Aflswer: S, Uo 'i'o' !0, 2l cotTt' . ttao P I ,t,t,7 t-E Agn I !' -!- r -.1- | 5,1(6A0 l^ \,"1 Cable slinS
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Two sleel plales ar€ bond€d 10 a rubber pad. Wher the lorce I/= 15 kN. the 1op plate displaces )ateral1y 8.0 mnr with respect lo lhe bottom plale. Wlal is lhe shear modulus o{ elasticity oflhe rubber pad? v- 0.3 1,57 r 7 Ffa 300 nnn __+ 50 mm G-'(" " t , t,sttl \?0, (L 4Jeo lb 3. Rectangular bars ofcopper and aluminum are held by pins al their ends. Deiermine
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/16/2008 for the course ESM 2204 taught by Professor Ohanehi during the Fall '08 term at Virginia Tech.

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test1solutions - I AA Narne: n 1 " (last,fiIst) ESM2204...

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