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Whatdobonesdo-1 - Collagen plus calcium phosphate(phosphate...

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What do bones do? Hold you up against gravity, much more important for an animal than a fish. Must not flex like rubber Must not break like polystyrene or glass Must absorb impact But must flex at joints. Must provide an anchor for muscles. Provide the stiffness to allow your lungs to expand and contract Provide a light but strong leg for running and arm for throwing. Provide a protective case for your brain.
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Unformatted text preview: Collagen plus calcium phosphate (phosphate storage?) antler is tough, horn is not bone: don’t grow into big trees (horn, hoof & hide is keratin, no mineral) enamel is hard bone is a compromise, number are along the strong direction dentine is more isotropic bird bones are the stiffest bones, especially penguin tusks are dentine...
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