history final review

history final review - 1. Residents of Boston formed a mob...

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1. Residents of Boston formed a mob outside of the courthouse after Shadrack, an escaped slave was arrested. He worked as a waiter in a local restaurant where he was very popular. 2. In 1849 the fastest way from New York to California was across the isthmus of Panama. 3. Women in temperance Societies encouraged and then demanded that people give up the evils of strong drink. 4. The Mexican American war began when Texas applied for admission to the Union as a state. 5. Popular sovereignty left the issue of slavery to the residents of territories to decide. 6. Tyler was the first vice president to become a president as a result of the President’s death. 7. Stephen Douglas authored the Kansas-Nebraska Act. 8. John O’ Sullivan authored the Democratic Review. 9. Some early abolitionists supported the idea of recolonization but few freed slaves wanted to return the Africa. 10. Col. Jackson protected the boarder between Georgia and Florida. He had permission to chase hostile Indians across the border. 11. The Nullification Crisis occurred over a high protective tariff. John C. Calhoun argued that the tariff was unconstitutional because it failed to make money to pay public debt, provide for common defense, or promote the general welfare of the entire country. 12. The Supreme Court under Chief Justice Marshall decided the case Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia. 13. Nativism refers to the attitude and beliefs of many Americans who wanted to stem the tide of immigration and maintain a “white” America. 14. Brown was an abolitionist that carried guns to Kansas in crates stamped “Bibles.”
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history final review - 1. Residents of Boston formed a mob...

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