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S13_wk04solution - 8.361(b ±ax raTe on inTeresT 0.2 ±ax...

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Question 1 Maturity value 100 Input Yield rate pa 7.4% Output Yield rate per half year 3.7% Time unit half year Number of time unit 7 Price 77.544 Question 2 (a) Face value 100 Interest rate pa 7.50% Interest per half year 3.75 Price 94.6 Time unit half year Number of time unit 17 Estimated yield rate per half year 0.041805
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Unformatted text preview: 8.361% (b) ±ax raTe on inTeresT 0.2 ±ax raTe on capiTal gain 0.2 NeT inTeresT per half year 3 CapiTal gain 5.4 ±ax on capiTal gain 1.08 NeT maTuriTy value 98.92 EstmaTed neT yield raTe per half year 0.033631 Nominal neT yield raTe pa 6.726%...
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