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Example anaylsis 1

Example anaylsis 1 - Courtney Osborn Mass Media Example...

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Courtney Osborn Mass Media 02/25/08 Example Analyses 1 For years we have been taught that the media is for our entertainment. However, the media is also known to influence the way we act, to manipulate our ideas and to change the way we think. Recently, an article in the Ithacan Online was written concerning college safety. The article discusses recent college shootings and speaks about changes that need to be done, “On Thursday, tragedy hit Northern Illinois University when, in the span of two minutes, a gunman killed five students and himself and injured 16 others. What could have been done to stop the shooting in Illinois? There comes a point where campus security and preparation is not enough. Now, we must maintain campus security efforts while focusing on stricter gun laws.” This article is using multiple theories and ways to persuade the readers toward his opinion. First, the author uses information and facts to state his point, using a cognitive and informational influence approach. The author uses information in his thesis and
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