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US Politics Final Exam

US Politics Final Exam - US Politics Final Exam Right now...

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US Politics Final Exam: Right now our world is facing some of the toughest challenges it has ever seen: (FIX)climate change, global poverty, ethnic and religious conflict, terrorism and preemptive wars. However, while the world is facing many deplorable situations, our nation is also struggling with a hurdle of its own, the loss of true democracy. While it is true that democratic freedom is the instrument of prosperity and saves million of lives, if altered, it is also the cause of devastation. Cornel West, a revered social and economic philosopher, has written and published many books proclaiming his democratic theories and beliefs, mainly on America. West is one who strongly believes that while America is a strong democratic nation, it is struggling from waning democratic values. That we are suffering from deteriorating democratic powers, the rise of imperialism and corruption in our government. West argues the greatest threats plaguing our democracy come in the form of three antidemocratic dogmas, that are dangerous, threatening and make democracy matters frightening in our time, West states, “Democracy matters are frightening in our time precisely because the three dominant dogmas of free-market fundamentalism, aggressive militarism, and escalating authoritarianism are snuffing out the democratic impulses that are so vital for the deepening and spread of democracy in the world.”(7-8) However, while these are the three main hurdles America is dealing with, West believes that it is something greater that is affecting and causing these issues. He believes it is nihilism, the belief in nothing. While these issues are extremely affecting our nation, few people understand that these problems also affect the world too. While we suffer from nihilism, West argues, that we cannot resolve our foreign affairs until we resolve our problems at home. That if America wants to become an example of true democratization around the world, we must first realize the long history of corruption that has plagued our own country,
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and we must turn to deep democracy. Our key to solving these issues not only lies in our political leaders and government, but it lies within us. It lies within the people to ban together and reach into our past and find the traditions our country was founded and flourished on. It is the idea of deep democracy that will save us. While West argues that our nation is suffering from the deprivation of true democratic values through the three dogmas of dogmas of free-market fundamentalism, aggressive militarism, and escalating authoritarianism, he believes it stems from something deeper, nihilism. West argues that it is Nihilism that is the root of our problems, West states, “Instead, what is most terrifying-including the perennial threat of cowardly terrorists-is the insidious growth of deadening nihilism across political lines, nihilisms that have been suffocating the deep democratic energies in America.”(26) Nihilism, originally the term used to attack
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US Politics Final Exam - US Politics Final Exam Right now...

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