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10 Conclusions Out of all three methods for solving this problem; doing nothing, some restraints or completely make in illegal. I believe putting some restraints would be the best alternative. Putting restraints such as required blue-tooth for certain drivers and not allowing it for other would solve most the problems while still allowing important phone calls to happen. Although it will be difficult to determine if a driving is talking on a wireless device or singing, it will force drivers to not be able to dig in their purse or pocket to pull out their cell phone they can’t talk on. The law that wouldn’t allow drivers under the age of 18 to use any kind of wireless
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Unformatted text preview: device will be one less distraction on the young drivers of today. If would also be against the older drivers of 65 and older because their reaction time has greatly decreased as they get older and for them to be trying to talk and drive would be too much to focus on. This law will save live and the price of a saved life is priceless. The only cost would be the time spent debating and as it goes through the process of becoming a bill. I believe that it would be money well spent and many people would agree that any cost spent to save a life is well worth the money. This is only one more step to living in a safer world....
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